Hedge Fund and Money Manager Market Analysis Service


Based on my unique technical analysis discoveries, and 36 years of research experience I provide analysis and timing service for stocks, forex, and commodities. In the above tabs you can see my past trade signals, and sample market analysis.


No matter who is massaging historical data should not expect the same market patterns to repeat in a similar sequence in the future. Therefore; whether people with Ph. D. degrees or someone sitting at home is crunching numbers on historical data won’t make a difference. The difference comes from being able to read the charts in the present time. Reading charts means understand the relations of price swings to each other and that could mean analyzing markets going back a couple of decades. There are rhythms in the market and they can be deciphered by a trained eye to discover excellent entry prices. And that is a skill I have developed over 36 years of chart analysis and research.

The annual returns are consistent and the profit will depend on the maximum drawdown tolerance. Limiting the drawdowns to below 10%, will result in an average annual return of 20% per year. If the tolerance is a maximum drawdown of 15%, then expect an average annual return of 30% per year.