Michael Dylan started analyzing commodity charts in 1980, and a few years later he started to analyze currency and stock charts as well. After graduating from University of Colorado he dedicated most of his time to market analysis. Early on he had the privilege of studying an original course sold by W.D. Gann, Fibonacci ratios, and other esoteric trading ideas. After few years of analyzing chart patterns using indicators he decided the best solution to understanding the markets was studying price swings, and what they meant.


He has created many trading systems, published market analysis newsletters, gave seminars in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver, and Miami. For MetaStock (later owned by Reuters), as a guest speaker in 1996 he traveled with Tim Slater, Tom Bierovic, and Joe DiNapoli to give seminars in Vienna, Athens, Istanbul, Dubai, Riyadh, and Bombay. He also was a featured speaker at few annual Technical Analysis Group (TAG) conferences. His Know Your Market video series (circa 1997) is a classic educational analysis of the ins and outs of the markets. It is an important video to watch for anyone who wishes to understand about the markets in depth.

Many years of hard work, close to four decades of market analysis, trading experience, and much proprietary knowledge have been put into the development and finalizing my own theories, and they are working very well.