Auto-Trade (Trade Assist) Services


Auto-Trade is a convenient and inexpensive service that allows clients the freedom to trade our signals without needing to be at their computer to place the trades on their own or to use our software program. After you subscribe to our E-mini S&P 500 Timing Service you can setup your account to be on Auto Trade, where professionally-managed trade desk will execute our trade signals on your behalf. You will need to open an account with them and sign a form allowing them the execute the trade signals that we send them. The minimum account size is $20,000. This service trades the e-mini and other commodities.

Auto-Trade program will execute our trade signals using the S&P 500 E-mini Futures and other commodities contracts in YOUR trading account AUTOMATICALLY for you, and with the security of you having possession of your funds in your own brokerage account.


Many of our clients have used Auto-Trade professional trading desks to execute our trade suggestions since February '08.

Save Time

Whether you are working, sleeping or on vacation, know that your account is being traded according to the principals of the S&P 500 Trading System and other proprietary trading concepts, and with no time commitment on your part. You keep all potential profits for yourself just as if you were trading on your own!

How Does Your Other Trading Systems Work

The other two systems are based on value investment. We wait for a commodity to be inexpensive and buy at a low price. The concept has been very profitable over the years.

How do I get started?

Contact Dan Neenan at Striker and tell him you would like to Auto-Trade the Dow Indicator systems, and open an account with them. Phone numbers for Striker are 800-669-8838 (Toll-Free), and 312-987-0043 (International). Email: dneenan(at)

How much is needed to open a Auto Trade account?

We have a $20,000 minimum account requirement per contract.

How many contracts can I trade and will brokers automatically adjust my contract size?

It is recommended to trade one contract per $20,000. Auto Trade programs will not adjust the number of contracts you are trading in your account for you. YOU MUST ADJUST THE NUMBER OF CONTRACTS YOU WISH TO TRADE IN YOUR OWN ACCOUNT. IF YOU ARE TRADING MORE THAN ONE CONTRACT AND THERE IS A DRAWDOWN IN YOUR ACCOUNT THEN MAKE SURE TO REDUCE THE NUMBER OF CONTRACTS YOU ARE TRADING ACCORDING TO SOUND MONEY MANAGEMENT RULES. We are unable to give individualized advice about any particular aspects of trading. Questions about trading Futures should always be directed to your broker rep.

How how do you calculate the number of contracts to buy?

Amount allocated divided by the Average True Range x 2.5 (recommended size of the stop) x $50 (value of each full point).
Account size is $20,000.
Allocation is 15%.

ATR (current market volatility) is 20 points.

Protective stop is 2.5 times the volatility.
Value of each full point is $50.


Account size is $20,000 x 15% allocation = $3,000 (this is how much you are willing to risk).

20 (ATR) x 2.5 (stop size) x $50 = $2,500.

Number of Contracts = $3,000 (allocation) / $2,500 dollar stop risk = 1.2 contracts. The contracts to trade is rounded down, so one contract would be traded.

What are the expenses for the Auto Trade program?

Besides your subscription to our Trade Signal Service, brokerage firms will charge a commission per contract.

Can I trade within my IRA?

Usually you can. Contact your broker and they can go over the details with you.

The U.S. Dollar is not my currency. Can my broker keep my trading account in the currency of my choice?

Usually they can with some limitations. Contact your broker for more information.